Hi, I'm Michael.

I'm the co-founder of Elenta.io. We're a VC funded start up that uses behavioural science, technology and evidence-based group coaching to equip individuals, leaders and teams with the behaviours and skills proven to fuel business growth.

Previously I was Head of Marketing (and employee number 5) at Expert360, one of Australia’s most successful start ups.

Prior to this, I was based in London where I led marketing for ZYB, a Danish mobile/social start up which was acquired by Vodafone. I also ran digital for Telstra’s global business.

Get in touch! I’m always interested in meeting interesting people. If you’d like to chat, contact me on linkedin.


Here’s a few growth hacks / campaigns / projects I’ve run recently.

Side Projects:


A fun side project designing, producing and selling languages stickers online. I launched it to get hands on experience in product design, outsourced manufacturing and setting up distribution channels such as Amazon. From initial idea to first sale took about 6 weeks (including two weeks patiently waiting for our first bulk order to arrive!). It’s currently live on Amazons around the world and we have three languages. Check it out at wordlabels.com

Advising start ups on growth:

I currently advise / mentor start ups on finding product market fit, early stage growth, sales and marketing. My advice mostly boils down to:

  1. Understand you customers and their burning pain, then learn how to convince them you you solve that pain.
  2. Work out how to sell. This is mostly a process of gated value exchanges until they buy.
  3. Don't worry about scaling right now. Solve problems 1 and 2 first.
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